inspiration, part two.

God loves us so much.

So much that He uses all of life to mold and shape us.  He wants us to experience the freedom and joy found in Him.

Sometimes He teaches us through other people.

Often they don’t even realize it.

Inspiration. Conviction.

God has blessed me with so many wonderful friends, but like most, friendships involve different levels of sharing. And while I may share nuggets here and there, there are just a couple of friends with whom I’ll share anything and everything with absolute comfort and trust.

How humbling it is when that friend also shares in return. (Exactly how God means for it to work.)

One of these friends is going through a really tough time.

And bless her sweet soul, she’s trusted me to help share that burden. It touches me  that our friendship is truly about leaning on one another. Whether it’s good or bad, it has a safe place to rest.

Oh, how I hate that she’s struggling. 

I would do anything to be able to take the burden away. I pray over my friend and the situations in her life every single day.  I know God has great things in store for her and I am so eager to see that plan revealed – but right now, it’s difficult.

Sometimes, my friend and I think a lot alike.

We both like details. Explanations. Plans.

We both want to see the best come from a decision, but can also list any number of things that could go wrong.

We want to plan for those. Prevent them. Cover all the bases.

We want to understand.

The current situation makes it challenging for my friend to be able to do that. 

God isn’t giving the immediate, clear answers.

Waiting and uncertainty abounds.

He’s whispering, “Just trust me.”

And? She does.

I’ve heard her words – but even more than that, I’ve witnessed her heart.

That doesn’t make the questions go away. That doesn’t mean the worries don’t surface … or even that some days they don’t take over.

But when it comes right to it, she is placing her trust in God.  She knows He has her life in His hands.  She believes that He has the best in store.

It doesn’t change the situation. It doesn’t make it easier, or less stressful.

 But what it does do is bring peace.

I’ve watched it happen.  Amidst the worry and the difficulties, my friend has this peace that radiates.

It inspires me.

I want to live in a way that I have that peace.

It also convicts me.

What she has been facing is far more monumental than any of the events that have trampled through my own life.  Yet I’ve been the one worrying and questioning what God is thinking.


Honest about worries. Open about fears.

Choosing faith. Putting all hope in God. Trusting that He is good.

What an example.  I am grateful. I am changed.


2 responses to “inspiration, part two.

  1. There is nothing more beautiful – or more inspiring – than watching someone walk through the fire with grace. She is lucky to have you for a friend. 🙂

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