Pinning Pizzazz

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? If you haven’t, you should. It discovered it a couple of months ago and become more addicted by the day.

What is it? Imagine if you will, a wall full of neatly lined up bulletin boards. These boards are divided into categories, such as “Recipes to Try,” “Outfits I Want,” or “Craft Ideas.” The possibilities are limitless! Onto each bulletin board you tack ideas you have that fit in that category, whether it be a recipe torn from a magazine, a skirt torn from a circular, or a picture of a cool craft you saw at the store. That way, whenever you are ready to return to that idea and actually DO, MAKE, or BUY it, you don’t have to remember where you saw the idea or put the scrap of paper – you just go to your bulletin board, find the right picture, and you’re off!

Now, take that concept and apply it in a virtual, online world. You “pin” the ideas to your “pinboards” and then when you want to pursue the idea you click on your pin and it takes you to the original website location that gives details about the idea. Are you seeing it yet? No more myriad of “one time use only” bookmarks saved in my favorites, no more links emailed to myself to remember to print, no more post-it notes scattered around the desk with ideas to remember. It is AMAZING. There are some incredibly creative people out there and now I get to borrow ideas from all of them. What luck!!

I’m recruiting friends regularly to join me in Pinterest-world. I still update my Facebook and check on my friends, but will confess that my attention is now solidly diverted. Pinterest is officially my new time suck, and I’m completely enamored. One of my friends (whom I recruited) is now equally addicted and actually told me last week that she has dubbed herself a “Pinterest Missionary” and has committed to “sharing the good news with the uninformed masses.” It’s a contagious addiction, certainly!

Because I can hardly contain my excitement, I thought it might be neat to share an idea every week or so of something I have actually DONE, BOUGHT, or MADE as a result of an idea on Pinterest. Thus, my first official Pinterest post, otherwise known as “Pinning Pizzazz!” I got this idea from Nicole at her Simple Organic blog.

Pinning Pizzazz (take one)!!

Today’s idea is a recipe called Lighter Chicken Enchiladas that I pinned out on Pinterest and is originally a Martha Stewart recipe.

OMG! I can’t explain to you how yummy this was! I wouldn’t change a thing on the recipe as it is just perfect. I have already made it again so that I could freeze it in individual portions for busy weeks. The first time I used the full 2 tablespoons of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, and it was delicious but verging on too spicy for me, so I used a little over 1 tablespoon on the second batch for freezing.

Although steaming the chicken worked fine as well, I would probably just boil it or cook it on low in the crock pot the next time. I’m sure it’s my own fault, but steaming it seemed to leave it a little harder to shred than it has been in the past when I’ve boiled chicken for a recipe.

You’ll notice that the cheese on my picture looks remarkably more orange than in the picture from the original site. That would be because I didn’t read very carefully and used Cheddar Jack cheese the first time instead of Monterey Jack. The second time I actually followed the directions. 🙂

I am still figuring out this blog thing and using the free wordpress blogs so I haven’t figured out how to do the “linky” thing that some people seem to do – and don’t have enough readers to justify it anyway. But regardless, I hope you will join me and leave your ideas or links in a comment! In the meantime, I am off to kill time on Pinterest – and maybe even figure out how to put a link to my pinterest page over here on my blog, too!

OK, I can’t figure out how to put it over on the right side, but maybe this will work instead:

Follow Me on Pinterest


10/20 – And the fun continues! I just found another blogger who’s actually started a 52 weeks of Pinterest challenge! I may be late, but I’m in!


2 responses to “Pinning Pizzazz

  1. Looks yummy! I love Pinterest too…definitely have to watch how much time I spend on there. But it’s all worth it when you actually use the things you find. 🙂

    • Thanks, Krissa! You are right – I have to limit my time or I’d never get anything done! I am excited, though, to finally feel like I am actually DOING things that I find on there!

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