Pinning Pizzazz #3

This week, I’ve decided that I am tiptoeing into stage 4 of Pinterest.  This is, incidentally, my own little made-up leveling of Pinterest-ing involvement.

Stage 1: 

While your initial introduction to Pinterest world likely begins with a bit of confusion as you try to find your way around, it is soon replaced by complete and total abandon as you compulsively pin for fear that you’ll never again see that fantastic idea again (and you can’t possibly live without it, right?).

It looks, quite frankly, a lot like this:

From GusAndLula via Pinterest

Stage 2: 

In stage two of Pinterest, you discover that the “stock” boards you are given when you first join the site are just not cutting it anymore. And so begins your (first) complete overhaul and reorganization of your boards.  Along with this comes the inherent pressure to think of cute names for said boards, something that seemingly comes easily to the masses of creative people’s boards you visit.

You also find yourself talking about Pinterest everywhere – at work, on the phone, in the grocery store.  In those discussions you are, of course, finding many creative ways to justify the massive time suck that Pinterest has become in your daily life.  (Because obviously you have downloaded the iPhone and iPad apps by now so that you can have it with you at any time.)

From Sarah Perkins via Pinterest

Stage 3: 

Suddenly the clouds open and the sunshine beams down upon you because, in stage three of Pinterest, you begin actually DOING something with all those fantastic ideas that you’ve pinned.  Whether it be cooking, crafting, decorating, or accessorizing, suddenly there is no longer enough time for all the ideas.

From My Marbles via Pinterest

Unfortunately, this new preoccupation with replicating Pinterest ideas causes some conflict as you must sacrifice some of your precious pinning moments as a result. Never fear, though, for you continue to find snippets of time in which to pin. Blow-drying your hair? Who needs both hands – you can use your other to enjoy pinning on your phone.  And now that you’re actually being productive with your newly gleaned Pinterest ideas, you feel fully justified as you talk with your friends and family about your newest obsession (ahem. fascination?).

Stage 4: 

All your newfound productivity with Pinterest ideas has brought with it the discovery that your current board organization is no longer sufficient, so stage four is a second overhaul of your boards. After all, don’t you need a place to keep track of the ideas that you have actually finished? (And even one with your own uploaded creations?) The newfound confidence you have from creating and making results in the need for exploration in new areas previously untouched.  Holidays are coming, too – don’t you need new and fresh ideas for those?

From Covered In Grace via Pinterest

I’m not sure what stage 5 is, but I’m certain I’ll find out soon enough. If you’re not enjoying it already, why don’t you join me there?

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So … what stage are YOU in? And what have you made lately (or are planning to make)?


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