You want real? You got it.

I’ll confess that tonight, I don’t have a cute picture for you, a funny story, something that happened and the lesson God taught me through it, or even a Pinterest project to share. Really, I’m not sure I’ll even have a happy thought with which to leave you.  (I’ll try, though – I promise I will!)  I vowed on my blog’s “opening day” that I would be completely open and honest with you here. So here goes.

Today has been one of those days, I’m exhausted, and as a result, I’ve hit my breaking spot and need to vent. Tonight I realized that I made a pretty significant mistake.  I hate mistakes. But even worse, this was a mistake that could have been avoided with just a little bit of communication from someone else.  Every single piece of information that I had available to me told me to proceed down Path A. Yet Path A was apparently full of issues, problems, complications, and other such nonsense that had been encountered and learned from (the hard way) a couple of years ago. After that time, Path B, which leads to the same destination minus the drama, was the chosen route, Unfortunately I didn’t find that out until late this afternoon.

There is no question. Outwardly, I will shoulder the responsibility for guiding the situation down Path A and all that comes along with it.  But inwardly, I am upset, frustrated, angry, and altogether irritated.  You see, there is one person in the picture here who would have known the history of the situation and that Path B was the way to go. But did this person say anything at any point during the planning process? That would be a definite NO.

My reflection on this swings wildly from one side of the pendulum to the other. Deep down, I truly know that there wasn’t any deliberate withholding of information and it really was, most likely, just an unfortunate lapse of memory. So as much as I’d like to succumb to the pendulum swing of thought that says otherwise, I choose to believe that it was just an accidental lack of communication.  But in the meantime, it is discouraging and frustrating. I have invested many hours and worked very hard on all angles of this particular situation to ensure that it was comprehensive, understandable, and smooth …. and of course at the moment my vision is clouded by the tiny little 2% slide that went wrong and I simply can’t see the 98% that went right.

Tomorrow will be a better day, and I’m sure that my perspective will return. I’ll put on my big girl pants, take a deep breath, and move on to clean up the unfortunate mess left behind on Path A. But tonight? Tonight, I’m really just wishing I could blink my eyes, nod my head, wiggle my nose and make it all go far, far away….


2 responses to “You want real? You got it.

  1. Sheryl, I hope by today your’e feeling better about it all and that the 2% isn’t screaming in your head. May The Lord bring you peace today.

    • Thanks, Diane. It hasn’t been a great week, but a new day always seems to result in a slightly better perspective. Thanks so much for the encouragement – I needed a friendly word! The best news is that tomorrow is Friday! 🙂 Hope you have a blessed one.

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