Five Minute Friday – on a Sunday?

I’ve never been one to turn papers in late. Ever. It’s simply not done in my world. But recently, God has been rocking my world in oh-so-many ways and so the “norm” hasn’t always been how it’s gone. I find myself doing things at the last minute instead of weeks before. I scramble to the last moment to prepare my presentation, meet that deadline, send that card. My heart and mind are on hyperdrive, racing to keep up….

So, too, holds true for Five Minute Fridays.  I’ve wanted to participate in this “adventure,” inspired by The Gypsy Mama, for months. But somehow I never have. I don’t know what it is about Fridays, but I just never seem to pull it together enough get here.  This Friday was no different.

But what was different was the clear ringing in my mind telling me that I am meant to participate this week, that I need to let God speak through this Friday’s word as He imprints words upon my heart here.

Here’s how it works – Gypsy Mama supplies a word for that Friday and you sit down and write for 5 minutes. That’s it.  The hard part is that you write without any backspacing (ugh!), any editing (no?!), or any over-thinking (eek!). You just let the words flow for five minutes – then you stop and post.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a rule follower extraordinaire.  I’ve read a lot of these posts from various blogs and, quite honestly, many of them seem a little too polished to me to have been written in five minutes with no post-editing. But then again, who knows what can happen when we sit back and let God just talk through us?  So here I go, in what  solemnly vow is a completely rough, unedited 5 minutes worth of writing on this week’s word: Vivid.

Sunset at SeaPhoto Credit


Sometimes God’s voice is just a faint whispering in my heart, no louder than the sound of an eyelash falling to the floor. Other times His voice echos loudly through the caverns of my soul, unmistakable and relentless, filtering into every second, every moment.

That’s how it’s been for me lately.  The difference is that I didn’t ever make a conscious choice to ask God to speak so clearly. I know that seems silly and even a bit stubborn, but it is true.

It’s not that I don’t want to hear from God. Don’t get me wrong. I do.

It’s just that in the past when His voice has been the loudest has been when I have desperately cried out for it, grasping for it with every breath I had.

But right now I’ve been running from one moment to the next, often the days blurring by in a nonstop pattern of: Bed, shower, car, desk, car, bath, bed.  An entire week went by recently where I didn’t even set foot in my living room!

So I haven’t exactly been practicing the “stillness” in God that I might like to. As a matter of fact, my quality, intentional time with God has been (shamefully) contained to my 25-30 minute drive to and from work each day. It’s what I had.

That’s why it’s amazing to me that in all of that, God has chosen to speak so vivdly, so clearly, so faithfully.

And do you know what?  Some of the words He’s spoken to me lately? They’re precisely what I need. No surprise, I know.

You don’t have to ask for God to speak in order for Him to comply … you just have to listen. And when you do, you will know recognize without a single doubt the amazing, vivid voice of the Heavenly Father meeting you exactly where you are.

What about you – are you listening for His voice in your life today?



4 responses to “Five Minute Friday – on a Sunday?

  1. Great post in 5 minutes, Sheryl!!! And I like you are a rule follower!

    I love the line:” Sometimes God’s voice is just a faint whispering in my heart, no louder than the sound of an eyelash falling to the floor.” That’s how it seems with me lately. Seems like I’ve had to turn up my spiritual haaring aides! Maybe that’s the plan: to get me to listen more intently.

    May His Speaking to you draw you ever more intimately to His Heart.

    • I will be praying for you to hear God’s voice clearly in coming days! I think that His voice is usually so quiet in my life but here lately, it’s as though He’s given up on that approach and has just decided to broadside me with His voice and life itself so that I will stop to listen. 🙂 If ever God wanted to beat His head against the wall, it’s probably with me!

  2. Wow! That is awesome! It is said that the most difficult part of writing is to write so the words read like you would speak them. Often we are so concerned with the words being sufficiently polished that we forget to put them down as though we were speaking. Must be true since you just zipped ahead putting down your unpolished thoughts. Thus, the words are beautiful. a Good job!


    • It was actually more “free-ing” than I thought it would be. I deal with a lot of communication at work, whether it be through emails and phone calls or through presentations, so am constantly aware of the way I am saying something, usually polishing in mid-thought. It was actually nice to just sit and let the words flow without giving them a second thought. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you have a fantastic week.

      I can’t tell if you have a blog or not, but if you do, let me know where it is so I can visit you as well! If not, I’m so glad to get to connect with you here!

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