A Journey Toward Thankfulness (Day 8)

Today, I’m thankful for my job.  It’s not the job I would have dreamed I’d be in – even five years ago – and yet, it fits me like a glove and I love it.  It’s relentless, stressful, and challenging … and I am better because of it.

I’ve grown more in the past 23 months in this job than in the ten years before it combined. I’ve been stretched to the point of almost breaking – and I’ve enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that only comes from persevering.

Most people think all I do is work with data and procedures all day long, every day.  But they’re wrong. I get to work with so many different groups of people.  I get to be a part of so many discussions on topics that somehow relate to what I do every day – even if the connection seems somewhat obscure.

My job can be overwhelming, but it’s also very rewarding. I get to work mostly behind the scenes to ensure that something that is very much NOT behind the scenes goes by as seamlessly and stress-free as possible for everyone else.  I get to stand back when it’s all over and count the successes, witness the hours of hard work invested by hundreds (thousands).  I love what I do.

Thank you, God, for directing my path to be here on this very day, in this very job. Thank you for providing me with a job that supports me but in which I also find great fulfillment. I do not know the path that you have for me over the remainder of my career, but I pray that I’ll always love what I do as much as I do this.


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