A Journey Toward Thankfulness (Day 9)

I shudder to say this (I must be honest), but today, I am thankful for a good workout.

Hear me loud and clear: I hate exercise.  I desperately need to NOT hate exercise and shed some weight, but I have never understood people who actually ENJOY working out.  You know the people – they’re the ones who, if they miss a few days, actually say things like, “I absolutely HAVE to work out today. My body can feel that I haven’t worked out enough.”  Ugh.

(If that’s you, no offense. Secretly, I envy you. Seriously.)

I don’t get it, though.  I’ve never been able to TRULY get to the point where I exercised consistently enough (and with enough “reward”) that I honestly could say it was something I looked forward to.  It’s been an obligation-only, “I’ll do this because I need to, but I’m NOT going to enjoy it” kind of thing.

Today was different. And, oddly, not because I did anything different (treadmill – same drill as usual) or because I’ve been exercising faithfully enough that my body just finally clicked (I hardly think twice a week on a good week can be labeled as faithful).  It was because, for some reason, I could honestly FEEL the stress of the week slipping away, as if it was rolling off me and down the treadmill belt, falling off the end.

I stepped on, put on my headphones, and the world slipped away.  I lost myself in time and just moved.  And I felt better when I stepped off the treadmill than I have all week (we’ll see how I feel tomorrow – ha!). Better yet, I’m home now and actually feel like I can tackle some things around the house before calling it a day. Maybe that means my Saturday won’t be packed from start to finish!

So today, I am thankful for a workout that was just what I needed.  I hope the next one is just like it.  If so, I might just stretch myself to a “faithful” 3 times a week. (ahem. Yes I DO know that 3 times a week really isn’t much, either. I’ve gotta start somewhere!)


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