A Journey Toward Thankfulness (Day 12)

Please pardon the interruption in my posts … I have scribbled my “thankful” notes each day by hand but due to a business trip, quickly followed by a trip home for the Thanksgiving holidays, I am a little behind on writing the posts.  

The weekend brought with it two sweet reunions that leave me feeling so grateful to start the week.  On Saturday, I was able to meet a dear friend who now lives about 5-6 hours away for coffee and a good long chat. An added bonus was that along with my friend was another sweet friend who lives nearby (and with whom I work), but we haven’t gotten to sit and visit for a couple of months due to such busy schedules.  Anyway, it was wonderful to sit and just catch up for awhile, and was especially wonderful that although all of us know one another as a result of work, our friendships have progressed to the point that we could meander in and out of work topics, but mostly talk about life in general.

Then, yesterday I drove to a city about 4 1/2 hours away for a work conference I’ll attend today and tomorrow.  That gave me time last night to meet a friend from high school for dinner. We actually hadn’t seen one another since high school graduation (20 years ago now), which was great all by itself.  But what made it even greater was that, in our catching up over the last 20 years of one another’s lives, we discovered a camaraderie that we didn’t experience even in high school.  I mean, we were friends at some level, but only in certain situations and at a shallow level at best – basically walking parallel paths within talking distance.  Yet here we are, 20 years later, and we find that although our paths have criss-crossed, run perpendicular, and made all kinds of crazy zig-zags over the last two decades, somehow amidst all of that, we have experienced some of the same struggles and joys that united us in a new way as friends.

How sweet it is to get to reunite with friends, both new and old!


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