A Journey Toward Thankfulness (Day 13)

Please pardon the interruption in my posts … I have scribbled my “thankful” notes each day by hand but due to a business trip, quickly followed by a trip home for the Thanksgiving holidays, I am a little behind on writing the posts.  

Today I am thankful for chances to keep learning. I know that sounds very random, but I am currently at a workshop over a topic that is not my favorite task on my workload and yet, I find it fascinating to sit here and learn more about it. It actually makes it ~ gasp ~ not quite as cumbersome and dreadful a topic.  (Ahem. I confess this fervor will probably be short-lived.)

I’m in a career that is always changing and although some things repeat themselves month to month or year to year, there’s always something different from the last time.  Sometimes this gets so overwhelming, especially when the changes and new information are piling up faster than I can process them and communicate them out.  And yet, I realize that if these facets of my job were absent, I would be bored to tears. I simply don’t operate well in a predictable, routine, mundane environment.  Don’t mistake what I’m saying – I crave routines and structures, but I also crave a challenge.

So for that reason, I am so thankful that I am in a career that fits me like a glove and, whether forced or by choice, enables me to keep on learning every single day.


I'm blessed to have you visiting my blog today! Please feel free to share your thoughts below - I'd truly love to hear from you!

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