A Journey Toward Thankfulness (Day 14)

Please pardon the interruption in my posts … I have scribbled my “thankful” notes each day by hand but due to a business trip, quickly followed by a trip home for the Thanksgiving holidays, I am a little behind on writing the posts.  

I am a cat person. (Not a cat lady – a cat person.)  Some people are dog people. Not me.  It’s not that I don’t like dogs. I just didn’t grow up with them and cats suit my mood and lifestyle much better, so I’m a cat person.  In my days of thankfulness, I would be foolish not to pause and be grateful for some of the cats I’ve had throughout my lifetime (not all at the same time, mind you).

Summer Promise – a.k.a. “Promise”

   Tom & Jerry
(Jerry’s actually on the left and Tom on the right.)

Mistletoe – a.k.a. “Missy”

What have I learned from this beautiful creatures? It’s simple, really:

Unconditional love. Relaxation. Contentment. Patience. Compassion. Loyalty. Bravery. Playfulness. Rest. Curiosity. Peace. Trust. Satisfaction. And so much more.

I’m so grateful that God created animals – and that I get to share my life with some really special ones along the way.


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