A Journey Toward Thankfulness (Day 27)

A laugh is a smile that bursts.
~~ Mary H. Waldrip ~~

Today, I’m thankful for something that seems so simple and yet far too often, falls by the wayside, forgotten or neglected.  I am thankful today for laughter.  Any kind of laughter – from the quiet chuckle to the side-splitting, tear-bringing laughs that can’t be stifled.

Why laughter?  Because laughter brings smiles. It brings more laughter. It brings a sense of connectedness, of shared memories.  It lessens stress. It helps us refocus and shift our perspective.  It rejuvenates and reenergizes.

I can be oh-so serious if I’m not careful – I tend to be very focused and headstrong toward whatever it is that I am working on.  I’m blessed to have friends who help me remember not to take life (or myself) so seriously all the time.  On the other side of things, I love a good laugh and especially when it’s shared with those I love.  I’m so thankful for laughter and all that comes with it.

So, have you had a great laugh today?  What are you waiting for?

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.
~~ Yiddish Proverb ~~


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