A Journey Toward Thankfulness (Day 28)

Oh, how I love good talks.

I don’t mean the good business conversation or even the good “how’s the weather” kind of talk.  I mean, the kind of conversation where you and your friend sit and talk back and forth without pretense and with no need for self-protection – because you trust one another with your life.

I’m thankful for the kind of talk that involves the every day catching up, but also the mutual sharing of life’s current biggest struggles and joys.  The kind of talk that wanders through both laughs and tears.  The kind that can be spaced by days or months (or even years) and seem like you just spoke yesterday.

It is in these talks that we find ourselves, that we are able to support the friend who sits beside us, that we gain a better perspective for the days ahead.

These talks come in all shapes and sizes – some are only a few minutes and others can go on for hours.  Some are in email or over the phone.  Rarely nowadays, some might even be delivered in your mailbox alongside the day’s bills and circulars.  But the very best?  The very best are face-to-face – whether it be over dinner, over drinks, or simply curled up on the sofa sharing life’s latest with each other.

Oh, how much better my life is because of great talks – and the friends with whom I’ve gotten to share them.

Who do you need to talk to today?  Don’t wait – pick up the phone and do it!


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