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December Challenges #4

Photo-Of-The-Day (Day 4 = Joyous)


After a full day at work, imagine the joy when I drove into my driveway and saw this beauty blooming, loud and proud, in my flower bed!  I’m no gardener, but my guess is that full rose blooms in December are likely not your every day occurrence, so I couldn’t help but stop to take a picture.  What a nice way to end the day!


Christmas Memory-A-Day

To build on yesterday’s story about stockings, last year my niece decided she wanted to join in the fun.  As she has gotten older and her understanding of all things Christmas has expanded, she has become more and more intrigued with the chaos that results in our family stocking adventure.

Until last year, she was content to just ask a few questions and then “help” with the shopping.  Before I go on, I should clarify that whenever the whole family is together, I have been the designated “stocking stuffer” for many years.  The reason? Simple: I am the night owl of the family.  Well, my niece is becoming a bit of a night owl, too, and she begged us all to let her learn the “stocking stuffer” job with me on Christmas Eve.  Of course, we said yes, and she and I had so much fun late that night – it renewed the joy and excitement of the experience for me along the way. She had a ball and was already planning for this year before the stockings were filled.

Add that enthusiasm to her proclamation the next morning that she was old enough now to handle passing out the presents from under the tree to everyone by herself, and I was delighted.  (Being the baby of the family, somehow that task has been mine – alone – for the past 20+ years. I’ve spent the last 4-5 years slowly grooming her to take over.  Yes!!)


December Challenges #3

Photo-Of-The-Day (Day 3 = Red)

photo 2

No, this is not a cop-out.  (Well, mostly.)  This IS, however, my favorite iPad cover in my favorite color!  I am not a fan of the newer iPad covers that wake your iPad up and put it back to sleep when you open it. Nor am I a fan of the ones that “pop” to the front of it – I’d be the unlucky one to pop the screen into a bazillion pieces.

I am that boring person who wants my iPad cover to be super slim and unadorned.  I want it to be as slim as possible so that I can slide it in my purse or anywhere without adding great volume.  When I got this iPad, I did not realize just how hard that feat would be!  My sister is of the same opinion I am on the matter, and she stumbled upon these Hard Candy iPad covers (in black) one day over her lunch hour.  Knowing she’d have my full blessing, she bought both of us one and sent mine to me in the mail.  We both had finally found the cover we wanted!! Only it wasn’t red.  Both of us have a weakness for read.

Imagine my delight when, a few months later, I stumbled across the same case in red!!  I sent the idea to my niece, who bought it for my sister for Mother’s Day, and I promptly ordered one for myself.  (Shhh…I let my sister think she had the red one first.)

Love, love, love my iPad case and love, love, love some red!


Christmas Memory-A-Day

A tradition that my family has developed since I reached adulthood is that of the insane stockings.  I mean insane.  BIG.  FULL. OVERFLOWING.  And along with those stockings has generally come a Christmas Eve family adventure to WalMart to help fill them.

To fully appreciate this tradition, you need to understand two things about my family: First, we hate to shop.  Really, we do.  Second, if we DID have to shop, the absolute last place we’d want to go on Christmas Eve was WalMart.  So why do we do it?  I have absolutely no idea.

The big stockings started the year that my brother-in-law and sister promised not to get each other anything for Christmas that wouldn’t fit in their stocking – and then both secretly confessed to my Mom that they’d overbought and could she please set them up with a bigger stocking?  The trip to WalMart just evolved over time as we’d meet for Christmas, utterly unprepared for stockings.  It became a jaunt down the aisles with one of us saying, “Oh look! Santa could put THIS in my stocking” while the others followed behind and “secretly” slipped the item into the cart.

Thankfully, our WalMart trips have, for the most part, slipped away. We had to call it quits on doing this altogether when my niece was born.  And although our stockings are still ridiculously large and overstuffed, at least we can all honestly say that 99% of what’s in there is something we’ll use or appreciate.  I think one of my favorite parts about this is actually getting to watch my parents open their stockings. I don’t remember them ever having them when I was a kid, so it’s fun to see their eyes light up too!