December Challenges #2

Photo-Of-The-Day (Day 2 = Favorite Holiday Movie)

How do I pick just one?  I thought about inventing a list so that I wouldn’t have to pick.  You know:  childhood favorite, favorite classic, current favorite, etc.  But that’s sort of cheating, so I’ll just share my all-time favorite Christmas movie:


photo 3

I know – some of you are thinking “that’s not really a Christmas movie.”  But think about the story. Nearly all of it happens around Christmas and the lessons of love and family fit so beautifully with the Christmas spirit. I have to be honest and say that I prefer this version, which was actually a remake, to the original version.  That’s highly unusual, because I nearly always prefer the original versions of movies, but I have always just found this one more relatable.  The movie is, of course, not nearly as good as the book itself, but it’s still a charmed, delightful retelling of the story and always a good one to watch at Christmas.

In fact, I may have to watch it again this weekend…


Christmas Memory-A-Day

One of my favorite recent Christmas memories was Christmas of 2009, when my parents and my Grandma came to visit me here in my house for the first time. I had just moved in over Thanksgiving week, and so it was the first chance they’d had to see my house and the first time I’d ever hosted it.  I was so excited to have them here.

I loved putting up my tree for the first time and decorating the house. I loved planning the meal, doing the grocery shopping, and getting all the rooms ready.  And I loved having them here.  They came in a couple of days before Christmas and were all able to stay here.  We did some shopping on Christmas Eve, including an unplanned trip to by a pet store for a new kitten for me (Mistletoe, a.k.a. “Missy”), and then headed back to the house.  We were planning to go to the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at my church, but my Grandma was tired so we decided to stay home and enjoy the new kitten.  It’s a good thing we did, because the snow that had started began coming down forcefully and the highway overpass that would have gotten us back home to my house ended up closing.  Imagine that – we could easily have been stranded away from my house on Christmas Eve!  Luckily, we were cozy and warm in my house and stayed that way for the next few days until it was time for my parents and Grandma to head home.  Even then, it was a precarious trip home for them as that much snow for me down here in the metroplex (not a frequent occurrence) meant a great deal of snow for them on their way back home to the Panhandle.  All things considered, though, it was a wonderful, memorable Christmas!


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