Becoming Less, Embracing More

I’ve endeavored here to always be as real as I can in that moment – even when it’s awkward or even embarrassing.  But when I began a new journey in late January, I hesitated to bring it here to these pages. I’m not sure exactly why … I told myself that perhaps I wasn’t sure how to put that piece of me and of my life out here for all to see.

A few weeks ago I realized that while this may have been a tiny factor in my reluctance, the real reason was that this particular journey doesn’t belong on these pages. This journey needs its own home, its own spot.

So, with that, I’d love for you to visit my newest blog and join me on my journey:

I’ll still be here, too, in my little hodge podge way – with book reviews, reflections, or my latest Pinterest experiments.  I hope you’ll stick around, and maybe come see me as I learn to embrace more while I become less as well.



I'm blessed to have you visiting my blog today! Please feel free to share your thoughts below - I'd truly love to hear from you!

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