Here are the memes that I’ve participated in. I may participate regularly or perhaps only make it on occasion, but regardless I find them interesting. Check them out!



Now, here are some memes that I haven’t participated in yet, but I would really like to! Call it my “Meme Bucket List!”

          Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood


What exactly is a meme?

Well, basically it’s a way of carrying an idea or phenomenon through a circle of people – but in the blogging world, it’s typically a theme that is embraced and replicated by bloggers scattered across the globe.  Gary LaPointe describes the concept very well over at The Daily Meme, and he’s even gone as far as to develop a pretty decent and organized list of memes.  Ma Nouvelle Mode has written another one on her blog that has some different ideas that I’m going to have to check out!


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