Say What?

If you’ve wandered through any of my pages you may be asking yourself what in the world the focus of this blog is. Quite simply put, there isn’t one.

Say what?

That’s right. I don’t have a direction or a focus – and I’m tempted to say already that I may never have one.  Perhaps it breaks some cardinal rule of blogging and I’m certainly not a rule-breaker by nature, but on this particular issue, I might have to bend the rules.

You see, the whole point of my blog is authenticity. Thus the name: A Genuine Glimpse.

Sure, I could pick a topic and return with timely posts, pre-planned and crafted to suit the focus of my blog. I could schedule a regular reminder on my task list that “today’s the day to post.”

But that’s not me.

So if I did that, I wouldn’t be true to what I set out to do in this blog. It has to be ME, through and through.

I’ve tried it before. My blog lasted less than a year. I scheduled certain days to post and true to my nature, overcommitted myself. I even had theme days for the majority of my posting days … NOT that these are a bad thing, mind you.  I’ve already done a bit of that and will probably do more of it.  But my motivation for doing it and how I did it then was inauthentic. I did it because it made it easy and I chose what was easy. In doing that, I ended up feeling like my blog was this manufactured picture of me that wasn’t truth.

So I promise not to do that here.

I’m going to post what’s on my mind, whatever that may be. It could be reflections on something God’s teaching me or that I’m dealing with. It could be my latest Pinterest project or book review. It could be a video or a picture.  There’s no telling.

As I find my feet here, I’ll probably find a niche with some regular series of posts with which I feel comfortable and that I feel match up with my conviction here to be completely real.  Right now one of the ones that really strikes a chord with me is one called “Five Minute Fridays.” I think I could swing that, even though it will be hard for me not to edit. 🙂  I can’t remember who hosts it off the top of my head but when I find it, I’ll come back here and add that information in.

And a schedule? You won’t find that here either.

In reality this is a little bit unlike me, but perhaps it would help if I told you that my work days are scheduled and packed with a to do list that never ends. Supposedly there is a “down time” in my job, but I sure haven’t found it yet.  So there are weeks that I come home exhausted every night and others that I don’t.  If I schedule everything, I will live nothing … and I will run the danger of posting just because my schedule says I have to, not because that’s what is on my heart.

So I’m going to post when I feel like it. I will try to be a little better and post at least once or twice a week, but there might be times I don’t post or that I post more than once a day.  I hope you can roll with that.  And if I haven’t posted and you miss me … I’d love to know.

Perhaps the skeptics out there still wonder: What’s the point?

Well, first of all, I want to connect – yes, definitely, I want to connect here in the blogging world. I yearn to have a network of blogging friends who both relate to my daily life and struggles and who walk a completely different path but still have a kindred heart. I think sometimes we gravitate too often to the similar and comfortable, and so we miss out on what we can learn and how we can be blessed by those who aren’t quite as similar and maybe force us out of our box a little bit.

Second, I want a place to share my heart openly. I want a place where I can carry burdens and pray for others just as they do for me.  And I want a place where I can record the little memories of life that bring a smile or joy – that years from now will bring another smile to revisit again.

So welcome to my little blog smorgasbord, my friend. Fill up your plate, grab a fork, and pull up a chair – I hope you’ll stay awhile.



4 responses to “Say What?

  1. Genuine Glumpse, just happened across your site and have enjoyed the visit. And I quickly noticed from your posts that your blog does have a ‘focus.’ :). The focus is ‘Becoming Real’. Thus, your title is spot on…..’Genuine Glimpse’. Realness is broad and covers many facets of ones personal life. You speak for many of us here in blogland who, too, desire Light to illuminate darkness so it is dispelled by way of ‘genuine’ obedience born of relationship with our Father.

    Again, I enjoyed the visit.


  2. Carolyn,
    Oh what a blessing your sweet note of encouragement was to me this morning! I’m so glad that you stumbled on my little corner of the world, and hope that you’ll come by again soon.

    And I appreciate your thoughtfulness in pointing out that indeed there may well be a focus to my blog – I struggle at times wondering if I’ll ever “build an audience” if I don’t have a prescribed niche as some do (i.e. motherhood, saving money, cooking, crafting, etc.) But then I have to stop and remember that building an audience isn’t and has never been why I’m here … I am here to share my heart and hopefully, along the way, connect with others who’ll support me on life’s journey and let me support them in return. So I am grateful for your confirmation that perhaps in a roundabout way, I am on the right track and doing exactly what I intended to do: be real.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your kind words.


    Hey! I found your blog through instagram and just wanted to let you know that I was here. I need to be sleeping now so I’ll come back when I have more time to read. I just wanted you to know you are reaching people!! Thanks for your encouragement on IG!

    • Thanks so much!! I just discovered yours too! I don’t write much – or as much as I’d like – but it is nice to know somebody is reading! 🙂 I’ll have to read more of your blog later because I too should be sleeping!

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